How can one get their iPhone repaired in Singapore?

best iphone repair singapore

If you face a problem with your iPhone, Apple can come to the rescue. Under typical situations, you would bring your device to a nearby Apple Store or authorized service center to get it fixed. However, this is the time of COVID-19, and many Apple Stores worldwide are still closed. At this time, there are limited options available. You can courier the phone to Apple for repairs. Some shops are always open and offer in-store repairs. If these choices don’t work for you, independent repair shops may still be open in your area.

If your Apple device or best iPhone repair Singapore is still under warranty through Apple, or you have the AppleCare+ protection plan, you’ll want to go with Apple. Covered devices only cost $29 for a screen repair or $99 to fix other types of hardware damage. If your iPhone is out of warranty and you don’t have AppleCare+, a screen replacement will cost you $129 and $329, depending on your model iPhone. Different hardware repairs start at $149 for an iPhone 4 and can run as high as $599 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Some are not authorized Apple service centers, so this is a viable option if your phone isn’t covered. Here, replacing the battery on certain model iPhones starts at $29. Screen repairs range from $90 to $180.

Some independent best iphone repair singapore shops are Apple authorized service providers; many are not. The repair price will naturally vary by shop, but they are typically lower than the prices charged by Apple.

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