What’s Melanotan and How It Works?

Melanotan is the synthetic hormone that can be injected under skin and darkens it with time. This drug increases levels of pigment melanin in your skin. The pigment is an important part of your body’s natural reaction to sun, and higher melanin level results in the skin darkening and tanning. There’re two types available, Melanotan I & II that can be diluted in water before you plan to inject it. Make sure you check melanotan dosage before you go ahead with this supplement.

Melanotan has been used in treatment of ED, thus one of its side effects will be spontaneous erections. By promoting higher melanin levels in your skin, Melanotan can ease some symptoms linked with above-mentioned conditions as well as allow people who are suffering from this to lead the healthy and normal life.

How to get right tan with Melanotan II?

Melanotan II helps to produce higher amount of melatonin to get it tanned much quicker as well as protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. To get bronzed, still you must go to the sunroom and enjoy the sunshine. But, you will need less UV radiation for getting deep tan. After getting vials from the Melanotan 2, follow the steps given below:

  • Do one injection in a day
  • Know your type of skin to find the right dosage
  • Reduce frequency of the injections or dosage and avoid side effects
  • Continue injections daily till you get desired bronze skin
  • Maintain desired tan level

Due to this product’s medicinal uses, several media attention followed & public caught on its possible benefits rather quickly for some aesthetic purposes. As the natural type of photoprotection, melanotan helps to prevent sun damage, was touted as the way to be tanned without any skin cancer risk.


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